Bring us with you!

Transform your event into the gold standard of hosting, as you bring us along to live sketch all of your guests. 

Gone are the days where programs are whisked away as keepsakes, as each of your guests will be able to take home their very own A6 watercolour illustration.

A traditional yet contemporary alternative to the photo booth, our artwork has the fingerprint of years of hard work, which will last a lifetime. 

We are sisters who co-own Sketched By Siena Ltd, a bespoke illustration business based in London. Our live sketching service entails the creation of A6-sized watercolour paintings, each meticulously hand-painted, glittered, and packaged on-site. Beyond the artistic element, our offering is distinguished by its entertainment value, often becoming a focal point and conversation starter at events. To ensure efficiency, we employ Ellie’s photography skills to capture guests, resulting in swift delivery as sketches are ready for collection upon their departure. Each personalised painting is completed within a brief 5-minute timeframe.

We are trailblazers in what we do and have made this service a viral sensation with many videos reaching up to 10 million views. We truly believe that our live sketching service adds such a unique element to your event. We are extremely confident in what we do, having successfully provided our services at events for brands including Bentley, PayPal, Pinterest, Aston Martin, F1 and many more, and we were honoured to have also been flown to Monaco to live paint for the royal family at a gala.

We would be honoured to live sketch for you and your guests! Please feel free to fill out the enquiry form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.


Will you draw more than two people at a time?

We try to limit to up to two people per illustration so as many guests can take their artwork home as possible.

How many hours should I book you for?

We do a minimum of 4 hours. Ellie will discuss with you how many hours we recommend.

How many portraits can you complete at one event?

Each illustration with two people takes 7-10 minutes depending on the complexities of outfits. We work very efficiently to ensure as many guests get an illustration as possible on the day.

Do you only live sketch at weddings?

Nope! We attend all events, whether it’s corporate, birthday parties, baby showers, weddings and so much more!

Will you travel?

At the moment in the UK, we travel to London and surrounding areas. Outside of the UK, we also travel to destinations weddings.
We also travel abroad, please contact us for more information.

What art medium do you use?

We use watercolour paint which is quick drying and leaves no mess.

Do guests need to sit whilst they’re being drawn?

Nope! Ellie will snap a quick pic of the guests which will be sent onto Siena to illustrate. This means no hanging around for the guests, but they still get to enjoy watching Siena work her magic.

How far in advance should I book you?

We take bookings up to one year in advance.
If you are last minute, please contact us and we may have last minute slots.

What do I (event organiser) need to provide?

We kindly ask for one large table (or two small tables) and two chairs.

Does Ellie also draw?

Ellie unfortunately does not do the illustrations, but you will be liaising with her for your event. She takes photographs of the guests for Siena to illustrate, glitters, packages and talks to the guests on the day... and of course is Sketch by Siena Ltd’s fab content creator!

Where can I find examples of you live sketching?

There are a tonne of videos on our TikTok and also on our Instagram page @sketchedbysiena

How much do you charge?

We kindly ask for you to fill out our inquiry form and we can provide you with a quote.