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Siena launched Cards by Siena in 2018 whilst she was studying Graphic Design at Ravensbourne University. It all started with Siena hand making cards for friends and family as a hobby, but then realised if she came up with a design unique to her, she could pursue this as a career!

By having an instagram page only, she got more orders by the day and was reaching full capacity quicker than ever. Working from her bedroom, hand drawing, painting and glittering each card individually whilst growing rapidly, there needed to be a more efficient way to operate and increase output.

Sketched by Siena was then born in 2020. Siena transitioned the business over to digitally drawing on an iPad which meant the quality of design was much more detailed and crisp and a proper process was put in place. Siena still running at full capacity alone, working 14 hour days, her sister Ellie then joined in 2020 to help alleviate the workload and put systems in place with automated spreadsheets taking over the manual entries Siena was logging in a book! Siena now completes all of the drawing and designing and Ellie looks after the administrative side of things, marketing, printing, glittering and packaging!





Ellie is our co-founder and fab business op manager! She looks after the administrative side of things. She is always on the go and the chatterbox when going to live sketching events.



Siena is also our co-founder and the very talented artist! Very much like a genie, the brush is in her hand to grant you any illustration you wish for!



Samatha is our little gem. She is the TikTok live guru as well as glitter and dispatch queen.





We give you as much choice as possible to make sure that each card has that personal touch!

By Hand

By Hand

All of our designs are drawn completely by hand, meaning that they are not only beautifully designed, but unique to us!



Each card is printed and then finished with glitter before being packed and shipped.

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Fill your cart with art! It’s your turn to be the artist, put together your very own bespoke greeting card and illustration! What are you waiting for?

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